A Rated Program


Security America has an A Rated insurance product via its wholly owned subsidiary Security America Risk Purchasing Group (SARPG). Click for More Information.

Commercial GL Coverage Form

Security America's complete commercial GL coverage form is available for download in PDF format.

For questions regarding coverage, contact Security America toll-free at (866) 315-3838 or e-mail info@securityamericarrg.com.

Note: This document is not an insurance policy, nor is it evidence of insurance. This document provides a brief description of the Security America Risk Retention Group insurance policy. The sole purpose of this document is to help you identify the highlights of the policy. For actual terms, conditions, definitions, exclusions, and all other provisions of the Security America Risk Retention Group policy, please refer to the actual policy form, which can be viewed at www.securityamericarrg.com.

About Us

Security America Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) is an insurance company developed by the Electronic Security Association (ESA).



  • Professionalism at it’s best! It’s the only company we will ever use because the commitment goes both ways. SARRG rises above the rest.
    — Lynn Comer, President, Shenandoah Valley Security, LLC
  • The efficiency, professionalism, and positive attitude displayed by the Security America staff immediately put me at ease.
    — Barbara Angela, President, Vision Alarm Security Service, Inc.
  • Thank you for your help. You were so quick in sending this to me. That's why we like doing business with your company: your wonderful customer service.
    — Agnes Morrow Office Manager, Securi-Com, Inc.
  • You saved us a boatload of money--$5,000 per year to be exact--on our insurance. Security America is awesome!
    — Ralph Manento, Owner, Royal Security Services, Inc.
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