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Contracts– When in Doubt, Write it Out
A cup of coffee and a handshake. That’s how my grandfather did business. He was a prominent real estate investor in South Texas and contracts were absolutely foreign to him. My grandfather would finance hundreds of thousands of dollars for someone to buy a property on a handshake and a coffee-stained napkin. But that’s how it was, a man’s word was his bond and in small town south Texas, that was enough back then.
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How Can Security America Help You
In 2004, the Electronic Security Association set out to create a program that would cover the specific needs of the industry at reasonable rates, shielding its members from the unexpected. At that time, Security America was formed. Since then, we have continued to meet the needs of the industry without raising rates.
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The Importance of Reviewing Contracts
Gone are the days of business agreements on a handshake. Love them or hate them, contracts are a vital part of the world today. Contract review is tedious in any business, but security companies like any business also live and die by the contracts they engage in. It is also for that very reason that you need to remember, you control your contracts, even ones you are being asked to sign. Be heard, and if you have a problem with something speak up, don’t be afraid to push back just a little.
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About Us

Security America Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) is an insurance company developed by the Electronic Security Association (ESA).



  • Professionalism at it’s best! It’s the only company we will ever use because the commitment goes both ways. SARRG rises above the rest.
    — Lynn Comer, President, Shenandoah Valley Security, LLC
  • The efficiency, professionalism, and positive attitude displayed by the Security America staff immediately put me at ease.
    — Barbara Angela, President, Vision Alarm Security Service, Inc.
  • Thank you for your help. You were so quick in sending this to me. That's why we like doing business with your company: your wonderful customer service.
    — Agnes Morrow Office Manager, Securi-Com, Inc.
  • You saved us a boatload of money--$5,000 per year to be exact--on our insurance. Security America is awesome!
    — Ralph Manento, Owner, Royal Security Services, Inc.
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